Luisa Belotti Boutique

Luisa Belotti Boutique is amongst the most important luxury stores in Bergamo. Present in the Italian high fashion scene for over 40 years and recognized in its distinct and timeless elegance.

The stores combination of minimal chic and elegance alongside the absolute attention and personalized shopping experience offered to the client, create a unique and unforgettable shopping experience.

Our constant and incessant search for materials of the highest quality and sartorial standard distinguish us from the rest, allowing the boutique to offer a wide selection of items from leading fashion houses.

Our selection encompasses brands more attune to a classic taste, to more eccentric or casual chic preferences, yet all the while never obscuring the most important aspect... elegance. This is our motto and brand philosophy. All this and much more allows the continuous expansion of Luisa Belotti, leading to the development of our online shop as well as our presence on numerous marketplaces.

Our new and upcoming brand LB was founded in 2020, catalysed by a profound knowledge on the finest materials worldwide, such as cashmere and silk. Each item is planned and bought to life with the sole aim of satisfying our clients every need. Valorising our line through prized material as well as offering unique and personalised pieces tailored to our clients taste.

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